Custom Packages

Our services are unique for each customer, as they have specific and unique needs. On the other hand, they usually include a set of different elements combined in different quantity and type in each Service. Hereafter we present, some examples that could be used as a reference of the processes and costs of the services we provide.


  • Individual Development:
    - Individual Assessment comprised of two tests, the analysis thereof, and an individualized report | US$225 per person
    - Coaching: In-Person Coaching with a minimum of four sessions per day | US$150 per hour
    - On-Line Coaching | US$100 per hour
  • Team Coaching:
    - Team Assessment: comprised of two meetings with a director/general manager and 3-5 members | US$2,500 flat rate + US$200 for each addition team member
    - Team alignment session: lasting 1.5 days | US$1,850 per day per trainer + US$200 per participant + expenses
    - Team Goals Follow-up Session lasting ½ day | US$1,850 + expenses
  • Speakers/Conferences | US$2,450 per day per trainer + expenses + ½ day travel fee
  • Leadership Training | US$1,850 per day per trainer + US$150 per participant + expenses
  • Organizational Leadership Development focusing on organizational competence through feedback and understanding of organizational values. TBD case by case.
  • Model/Process/Activities Design | US$750 per meeting (minimum of four) + US$950 per day back-office
  • Participation in Process/Activities | US$1,850 per day per trainer + US$150 per participant + expenses


  • US Market Research and Strategic Recommendations | US$7,450
  • Partners, Investors, and Allies (search, recommendation and negotiations) | US$1,500 per meeting per day + US$750 per day back-office
  • Facilitating Negotiations in USA | US$1,500 per meeting per day + US$750 per day back-office
  • Open your USA company with assistance in legal and administrative process in one state | approximately US$3,000
  • Accounting; general advice and annual tax/accounting support | US$1,500
  • Confidentiality and Commercial Agreements | US$750 per contract
  • Legal Advice (agreements/reports/contracts) | US$750
  • Support in Litigation/Arbitration Processes | US$750
  • Support for visas, permits and licences: TBD case by case.
  • Open your office in Washington D.C. (mail, phone support, re-mailings) | US$350 per month
  • Institutional Lobbying | US$2,500 per month + a percentage of projects/tenders/purchasing orders awarded
  • Visits and Key Contacts in Washington, D.C. | US$1,500 per day + US$750 per day back-office
  • Visits and meetings with political institutions, political parties, and think tanks | US$1,500 per day + US$750 per day back-office


*Prices and services above serve only as references for planning purposes and do not represent any contact binding from ALS LLC. Taxes, fees and others (not included) may be applicable. Discrepancies may occur with respect to specific situations, complexity, number of participants, and organization required for the service.